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Are you stuck or what do you want you iyour life?

There can be many wishes and dreams that we long for: a lover, deeper relationships, a job we thrive in, a good economy, a meaningful life, getting out of the liver paste wheel, etc.

Vyou are constantly unawarest exposed for other people's expectations of us, which can be difficult to navigate as a young person or in fashionn.vthe bull. Vi unconsciously take parents' or other people's opinions to heart in relation to career choices, upbringing af children, but what is it YOUR heart yearns for? Mhonordo you know your own intuition etcOne chooses not to act on it? Or you don't feel your intuition at all?

Psychotherapy can support you for increased insight and higher consciousness as long as you are curious about you priver, your thoughts and your patterns of action. We strengthen your inner compass so you can make independent decisions with the goal of living an authentic life - both in yourself but also in your close relationships.

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