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Prices and practicality



As I am in training and have practice clients I offer training sessions at a student price.

Individual talk therapy 75 min: NOK 350

Clip for individual talk therapy 5 x 75 min, NOK 1700

Online therapy via. Zoom 75 min: NOK 350

If you are interested in a longer course, please contact me.

Payment is made in cash only on the amount or with MobilePay


I offer exercise therapy in a calm physical setting at the clinic community Heart House. The therapy takes place at Amagertorv 14B, 3., 1160 København K, in inner and beautiful Copenhagen. There are two main entrances.

Entrance 1: 
You have to go through a cozy little backyard by the SCARPA store. 
When you arrive there is a small lift where you press the button to the 3rd or 4th floor.

Entrance 2.

It is possible to enter through the gate at Niel Hemmingsens Gade 6. Press the doorbell and I will let you in.

Do you have physical challenges that limit you in relation to stairs?

Feel free to write a message or call me.

The fine print:

Change of agreement

Changing the agreement no later than 24 hours before the start is free. No-show or cancellation or change less than 24 hours before the start costs the full fee for a session

IND student

If you are an ID student, please contact me and we will make a good course for you

Exercise therapy
You agree that it is exercise therapy in connection with my education. In order to comply with the framework at ID Academy, there are guidelines that must be complied with.


  • You must not use psychotropic drugs or have other forms of abuse.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.

  • You sign a contract in which you agree that it is exercise therapy.

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